2023's Best and Brightest Brand Wins
2023's Best and Brightest Brand Wins
2023's Best and Brightest Brand Wins
2023's Best and Brightest Brand Wins
2023's Best and Brightest Brand Wins

Major props (and pointers) from EOY standouts

Major props (and pointers) from EOY standouts

As 2023 comes to a close (whew, that was quick), let’s take a moment to highlight brands that employed top-notch problem-solving and strategizing to capture attention, admiration, and success. We teamed up with Klaviyo to narrow down these wins to five best-in-class brand achievements of the year. Scroll through to learn all about their unique challenges, resulting strategies, and snazzy superlative titles. You won’t wanna miss these stories and insights—who knows, maybe you’ll find your brand on this list next year 👀.

Best in


Andie Swim dives into retention wins

Founded in 2017, Andie Swim is the eco-friendly DTC source for stylish surfing, lounging, and beachside swimwear. 

Andie Swim prioritizes 1:1 customer communication. That might mean their fit experts happily consulting about suits on a call, or thoughtful personalization of their marketing emails.

In 2021, competition increased with brick-and-mortar retailers, and paid social got pricier. Andie decided to focus on driving repeat purchases with email, using data from their online Fit Finder quiz. The problem? Their existing quiz drove email sign-ups but offered zero customer insights along with them.

Andie Swim was quick to pivot. They worked with digital quiz platform Digioh to revamp their quiz and integrated it with Klaviyo to personalize communication at scale.

Quiz data helped Andie Swim segment their email list based on style preferences, which = more relevant campaigns with fewer needed. Klaviyo’s analytics allowed Andie to review engagement segment by segment to continually optimize targeting.

The results of this strategy became the icing on a very efficient cake.


YoY growth in revenue from flows in 2022


in revenue from the new quiz results flow in eight months


YoY lift in 2022 click rate on flows

“I’ve been at Andie for three years, and we’ve had significant growth since the beginning,” said Andie Swim’s senior CRM manager, Nicole Briganti. “So it’s been awesome that Klaviyo’s been able to grow in tandem with us. Other platforms haven’t.”

Best in Customer Connection

Compass Coffee reviews get a brewed awakening

Compass Coffee was born—ahem, first brewed—in 2014 with a mission to help coffee lovers start each day on the right foot with a “real good cup of coffee.” (From one Brew to another, we like the sound of that.) They’ve got 17 DC-area coffee shops and an additional subscription-focused e-commerce operation.

The challenge? Compass struggled to gather online reviews, especially reviews with attached photos of customers’ home brews. There also seemed to be no way to customize the timing of their automated review request email to account for delayed orders.

…That is, until Compass Coffee teamed up with Klaviyo, the platform that powers smarter digital relationships. With Klaviyo, Compass customized the trigger for their review request flow so it sent after delivery and rewarded reviewers with auto-generated discount codes. Customers received the code only if their review included what Compass Coffee wanted most: a picture of their cup of joe. User-generated content in the bag.

The results of this partnership speak for themselves.


growth in total reviews in the first quarter with Klaviyo reviews


QoQ growth in reviews per quarter, in the first quarter using Klaviyo reviews


QoQ boost in reviews submitted with images

“Klaviyo wins on the customizability of the review collection correspondence,” said Compass Coffee CMO Joel Shetterly. “The rate of review collection is completely solved; the rate of photo collection is completely solved.”

Best in


Caden Lane hits a growth spurt

Caden Lane’s founder began designing and selling her purse-style diaper bags to big-box stores back in 2004, when she was pregnant. It wasn’t long before her work began catching eyes—including those of celebs. In 2022, the brand achieved 1,974% growth (!!!) over the previous three years.

In 2022, three people handled Caden Lane’s marketing channels, which included designing emails and subject lines in Klaviyo. They were crushing it, but Caden Lane’s CMO wanted to send a higher volume of emails.

So they staffed up to scale.

But growing the team wasn’t the only method they leaned on to elevate impact. Caden Lane’s CMO also turned to Klaviyo to segment in a more granular way to ensure email was being scaled and personalized

They started collecting segmentation data at sign-up, with an on-site pop-up that requested not only an email address but also data points such as whom customers were shopping for. Klaviyo A/B testing confirmed that this drove more sign-ups than a simpler form.

Caden Lane also consistently updates Klaviyo customer profiles based on their browsing habits, segmenting accordingly to continue inspiring quality personalization.

The results? Boomin’, baby.


YoY growth in Klaviyo-attributed revenue in Q1 2023


YoY growth in revenue from flows in Q1 2023


YoY jump in number of live flows in March 2023

“The depth of integration with Shopify makes it easy to do almost anything you can imagine with Klaviyo,” said Caden Lane CMO Bryant Jaquez. “It’s like a breath of fresh air.”

Best in


Sippin’ on success with AriZona Beverage Co.

You know ’em—you’ve probably drunk ’em. AriZona Beverage Co.’s iced teas have been an iconic beverage-section staple for over 30 years.

While AriZona’s sales typically rise in the spring (along with the temperatures), summer 2022 marked a QoQ dip in sales for their e-commerce store. It was a sign of the times. The pandemic-driven online shopping jump was slowing as shoppers returned to brick-and-mortar stores.

AriZona’s team knew that even during the iced-tea offseason, they needed to rekindle their digital brand interest and drive subscriptions to email, one of their most cost-effective channels.

So what did they do? Launched their aptly named Thirsty Thirty online contest in November 2022. This was a celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary, well positioned to revitalize their digital brand by letting participants build their own iced-tea flavor and submit it along with their email address.

The prize = $10k, with the winning flavor being launched in the market. It’s safe to say, this was a contest no one wanted to miss out on—hence the 27k entries (15.7k of them from net new emails).

To build and sustain contest buzz, AriZona teamed up with Klaviyo to target paid digital promotion on Facebook, promo the contest to current subscribers, and send personalized thank-yous by connecting their browser-based app users with Klaviyo’s API.

Here’s the tea on the results.


net new email sign-ups from the Thirsty Thirty competition


YoY growth in Klaviyo-attributed revenue in Q4 2022


QoQ growth in Q4 2022 campaign click rate

“The contest thank-you email showed each customer their specific can image and can name—for 27k people,” said Nicole Mejia, e-commerce marketing specialist at AriZona. “Having it work properly for everyone was incredible.”

Best in email


For Jenni Kayne, less really is more

Since its start in 2002, luxury apparel and home brand Jenni Kayne has grown into a household name with a bustling online store and 20+ brick-and-mortar locations. 

Looking for chic, California-inspired designs? Pay Jenni Kayne a visit—or sign up for their emails.

In 2023, Jenni Kayne wanted to go for a more premium feel, which meant rethinking their high-volume email approach.

After Black Friday 2022, the team pivoted to a more personalized + pared-down email strategy.

The plan? Jenni Kayne paired Klaviyo’s capabilities with three key tactics aimed at reducing their sends without sacrificing their brand’s luxury feel. These were:

  • sending interest-based campaigns to Klaviyo segments based on purchase and browsing history

  • using email to encourage in-person shopping with in-store discount codes and local store manager outreach

  • spotlighting rewards over discounts

So how did this email strategy with a ~concierge~ feel perform to hit their goal of less is more? Results incoming.


YoY reduction in total emails sent in Q1 2023


YoY increase in email revenue in Q1 2023


YoY increase in Q1 2023 campaign click rates

“Klaviyo really is our central point of reference for rewards, engagement, interests—all of that customer data,” said Melissa Smith, Jenni Kayne’s director of retention.

Another year of brand excellence is in the books, with plenty of revenue and desired growth to show for it, not to mention some pretty sweet superlative wins. Wanna achieve your brand's version of the above and power smarter digital relationships? Boost your potential for next year—and for years to come—with Klaviyo.

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